Dr. Ken Welburn, Ph.D, C. Psych: Psychologist


Email: drwelburn@gmail.com

Please note that Dr. Welburn has retired from clinical work at the Ottawa Anxiety and Trauma Clinic and is no longer taking new clients at this location. He can be reached at his new location in Trenton, ON, at 613-392-1843.

Dr. Welburn's book "Empowerment Through Mastering Anxiety and Finding Your Assertive Voice" is now available in print and kindle versions on Amazon.


Dr. Welburn is the Founder and former Executive Director of the Ottawa Anxiety & Trauma Clinic (Est. 2000). He has been practicing and teaching cognitive-behavioral therapy, hypnosis, ego-state therapy and other trauma-related treatments for over twenty-five years. He is presently developing a new and innovative therapeutic treatment using juggling to enhance the desensitization of trauma related startle reactions.

He has lectured nationally and internationally on topics such as: trauma treatments; compassion fatigue; hypnosis; peak performance training in anxiety treatment; trauma and return to work; empathy, imagery and PTSD; police crisis work and trauma; PTSD in the military; PTSD and First Responders; integrating EMDR and ego-state therapy in the treatment of dissociation; and childhood trauma in the history of patients in emergency psychiatry.

He is one of the pioneers of trauma treatment in Canada. He was a member of the team that offered the very first Canadian Psychiatric Association's courses in PTSD and in Dissociative Disorders in the early 90's. He co-chaired the Ottawa Annual Trauma conference for more than 20 years, since it’s inception in 1990. He has served as the past chair of the Ottawa Society of Clinical Hypnosis and as Faculty member of the Ottawa Group Psychotherapy Training Institute.

Dr. Welburn gives workshops to professionals in areas such as Assertiveness Training for Therapists:Teaching the Skills of Empowerment, Anxiety Management Training for Therapists, A Two-Day Training Workshop in Clinical Hypnosis, Ego State Therapy, PTSD, Dissociation, Compassion Fatigue and Stress Management for Caregivers. For speaking engagements, please contact Dr Welburn directly.

Email: drwelburn@gmail.com


When he is not doing trauma therapy, Dr. Welburn is busy writing and playing music. His band, Four Crying Out Loud, recently released their debut album: A Cry From The Stones. One of the songs on the album "One Sure Thing" was written specifically to clients engaged in the difficult path of healing from trauma. Here is an exerpt from the liner notes describing the song.

"This is a song I wrote to psychotherapy clients who struggle to heal from the dark wounds of trauma. It has been my great honor and privilege to stand at the edge of the abyss with you, to seek with you the fragments that have been lost in the darkness, and to be able to accompany you on the long journey back. This song is for you."


We are very excited to share the following news; The Song of the Year songwriting contest has awarded Four Crying Out Loud the Runner Up placement in the 2012 song contest (Rock category) for the song

“Life is An Ocean.”

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"Life is An Ocean" is the first song on our recently released CD "A Cry From The Stones"


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