The Ottawa Anxiety and Trauma Clinic is pleased to offer:

Empowering Yoga for Trauma Survivors

Empowering Yoga is designed to alleviate symptoms of post-traumatic stress and increase the resilience of critical task performers working in high stress environments. Classes are specifically created for trauma survivors, military, veterans, and first responders. 

WHEN: Yoga will resume on September 6, 2017.

Every Wednesday  from 10:00-11:00am

Trauma-sensitive yoga and meditation classes will resume in the new year after a short break for the holidays. There are two classes you may choose from:

Wednesdays at 10:00 - 11:00 at the Ottawa Anxiety & Trauma Clinic ( . This is a drop in class, so no registration is required. Details are attached.

Wednesdays at 1:00 - 2:00 atthe Trauma Healing Center ( This is a 10 week program of trauma-sensitive yoga and iRest guided meditation.

For further information on either class, please contact Lynda, contact info is below.

I understand that taking the first step to come to a class can be the most difficult.  In these classes I respect your process and encourage each person to follow what feels right, using me as a guide. You are always in charge of your experience and are welcome to follow your instincts in a safe and friendly environment.

If you have any questions about these classes, please feel free to get in touch.

fyi: on my web site there's a free 5 minute audio recording of an iRest guided meditation for resilience.  Feel free to use it during the holidays or any time. Here's the link:

Best wishes for a happy holiday season and peace in the new year.


INFO for class at Ottawa Anxiety and Trauma Clinic Boardroom, Suite 202 Billings Bridge Mall

Cost: $15.00/class.  (cash or cheque)

Registration: Email or phone Lynda at:, 613-523-5665. Lynda can answer any questions you may have.  OR arrive at the Clinic 10 minutes before class start time.

Equipment: For hygiene reasons, you are encouraged to bring your own mat (some mats will be available).  Wear clothes you are comfortable moving in such at shorts, sweat pants, & t-shirt.


Lynda Pedley is a professional level registered yoga teacher with specialized in-depth training in a trauma-sensitive approach to yoga and meditation for trauma survivors, veterans, military, and first responders.  Go to for more information including client stories.

Empowering Yoga is based on two key cornerstones of invitation and inquiry.  By offering choice and encouraging curiosity, Lynda guides participants to connect with & reclaim their body in the present.  If you have any questions, please contact Lynda.  All conversations are completely confidential.


"This class has helped me to reduce my stress, tension & anxiety in a very therapeutic, challenging and enjoyable environment.  This type of class is a must for helping counter operational and post traumatic stress.  I was truly amazed at the change it has already instilled in me in a very short time." DBF

"For me it is giving space.  Space for 1 hour.  I have no flashback.  Peace, peace inside my body." LL


Empowering Yoga is based on two key cornerstones of invitation and inquiry.  By offering choice and encouraging curiosity, Lynda guides participants to connect with & reclaim their body in the present.

  • Develop proactive stress management skills so symptoms don't progress to PTSD.
  • Become more present by drawing attention to the breath and body sensations, thus shifting attention from past trauma.
  • Build a sense of self-empowerment and self-control.
  • Develop a flexible mindset that can rise to meet daily challenges & return to a calm, relaxed state.  
  • Decrease hyper-vigilance & hypersensitivity to noise, crowds, movement, and visually stimulating environments by increasing present moment body & breath awareness.
  • Improve quality of sleep & energy level to support meeting your daily needs and goals.



  • At the Clinic we practice yoga as a way of becoming more friendly with our body
  • We offer a safe, supportive, non-judgmental environment
  • Instructors are Certified Yoga Teachers with specific training in a trauma-sensitive approach to yoga
  • Our presentation of yoga is NOT religious
  • We cultivate strength and flexibility and we encourage students to take care of themselves and not force through pain or strain
  • We emphasize self-awareness and self-regulation by using yoga techniques such as deep, mindful breathing, a strong physical core and an upright, well supported spine
  • We do no hands-on, physical assists during yoga classes at the Clinic
  • We discourage competition and encourage each student’s personal exploration of the postures and breathing practices for their own benefit
  • We encourage curiosity and interest in the body and the subjective experience in the moment.