Support Group for DID families

If you are providing support to a family member who has Dissociative Identity Disorder, you may well wish you had support yourself.

While new and better treatments for DID have been developed to help patients, there is little available to help the patients’ families.

This support group hopes to change that, and open the door to a place of compassion and understanding for family members of people who have been diagnosed with DID.


When:    The group is ongoing every Monday, time TBD. Please contact Ethel Humphreys for details. (contact information at the bottom of the page)


Group Facilitator:

This group is not facilitated by a professional, but rather by a peer, Ethel Humphreys, who has had experience with a family member who had DID.

From her first-hand experience, Ethel knows how difficult and potentially isolating it can be to live with someone who has DID, and that is her motivation for starting this group.

Some Potential Benefits of a Support Group for Family Members:

 ~ This will be a safe space for the sharing of experiences, and the consequent formation of relationships of trust and compassion.

 ~ It is often difficult to find words to describe the many situations encountered when living with someone who has DID.  This group can facilitate the forming of a shared language with which to communicate with others.

 ~ Family members involved can often only truly be heard and understood by those who share similar experiences and knowledge.

 ~ Potentially, coping skills and strategies can be developed by sharing with other families who are making the same journey.

 ~ If the families are getting support, this can only benefit the person who has DID.

 ~ The group will provide visibility for family members: a place to be seen, heard, and validated.

About the Meetings:

 ~ This group offers a safe environment in which to share our personal journeys.

 ~ Everything that takes place in meetings is strictly confidential.

 ~ We will have guest speakers, as well as educational discussions; above all, we will have space for talking and sharing.

 ~ This will be a closed group, lasting 12 weeks, after which it can become a drop-in format if the members wish.

 ~ It is the aim that, as a peer-run group, together we will decide on the topics for conversation and the direction of the meetings.   To this end group participation will be encouraged in all aspects of the meetings.

~There is no cost for these meetings.

If you would like to join this group, or for further information, please phone

Ethel Humphreys at 613-854-8863 or