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The staff of OATC would like to advise our clients about confidentiality concerns related to recent changes (fall 2016) in Facebook privacy settings. Facebook now allows users to upload their phone contact list (through the continuous syncing option on the messenger app). Facebook uses this information to make suggestions of “people you may know”.

If you provided Facebook access to your phone contact list and have the Ottawa Anxiety and Trauma Clinic number listed in your contact, Facebook may link you with other individuals who also have the clinic’s number in their contact list (i.e., staff and other clients of the clinic, past or current) and have given Facebook access to their contact list.

This is a confidentiality concern and the staff would like to encourage clients to be mindful of providing Facebook access to your contact list if you do in fact have OATC number listed there.

What can I do about this?

-       You can view or remove your uploaded contacts on the Manage Imported Contacts for Messenger page. The link to this page is :

-       Make sure to remove OATC from the contact list if you did in fact give Facebook access to your phone contact list.

-       Note: to stop your contacts from being uploaded again, you must turn off the continuous syncing option on all your devices (e.g., phones, ipads). There is information on how to turn off this option on the link we provided above.


Thank you,

OATC staff