The Ottawa Anxiety and Trauma Clinic is a private practice, fee for service clinic that specializes in the provision of mental health services related to psychological trauma. We are a multi-disciplinary group of licensed mental health professionals, including psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, and psychotherapists who all have a special interest in helping people who have been through traumatic experiences. All of our clinicians offer services in English; some of our staff are bilingual and offer services in French as well.


Psychiatrists can prescribe medication, provide medication consultation, and provide talk therapy. Services provided by the team psychiatrists are covered by OHIP; a referral from a physician is required. Due to high demand there is often a long wait list to see our psychiatrists. Please contact our office administrator to inquire about wait times to see a psychiatrist and if they are accepting new patients at this time.


Psychologists can provide assessment and diagnoses, as well as treatment for trauma-related disorders and for other psychological difficulties. Psychologists do not prescribe medication, but they can communicate about your needs with other health professionals who do deal with medication. Psychologists in private practice settings are not covered by OHIP and therefore bill for their services at standard rates for psychologists in Ontario.  Many extended health plans offer coverage for psychological services, as do certain organizations such as the RCMP and Veterans' Affairs. 


Clinical social workers also provide specialized services in the treatment of trauma and other mental health issues. Clinical social workers in private practice settings are not covered by OHIP, and therefore bill for their services at standard rates for social workers in Ontario. Similar to psychologists, many extended health benefits plans offer coverage for the services provided by clinical social workers. 


Psychotherapists at our clinic have advanced training, typically a Masters' degree, in the provision of mental health services, and can provide talk therapy to help with trauma and other issues. Similar to psychologists and social workers, their fees are not covered by OHIP and they therefore bill for their services at standard rates for Ontario.

Our History

The Ottawa Anxiety and Trauma Clinic was founded in 2000 by psychologist Dr. Ken Welburn and psychiatrist Dr. George Fraser. Their mission was to meet the needs of those suffering from anxiety and trauma difficulties, including first responders, firefighters, soldiers, police, EMTs paramedics, survivors of childhood abuse and neglect, industrial accidents, traffic accidents, assaults, and victims of crime. We are grateful for the vision, dedication, and legacy of Dr. Welburn and Dr. Fraser in the practice of trauma therapy.